Flamenco Festival – Summertime Fiestas in Restábal

Flamenco and Fiestas in Restábal


Summer in Spain is the time for celebrations, local fiestas and the reuniting of friends and family after months apart. The Lecrín Valley, south from Granada is no exception. Many of the inhabitants of these small, rural villages moved away from their beloved hometown to make a living elsewhere in Spain or Europe. In summertime, they return home to their Patria Chica – small homeland – to visit friends and relatives for a few days of catching up and relaxing… or living it up at the local fiesta!


Flamenco Festival, Restábl, Lecrín Valley holiday villa, Granada
Flamenco Festival in Restábal…Take no notice of the time, it’s at 22.30h!!


This coming weekend Restábal celebrates the Feast of Santa Ana with an array of activities for all ages and tastes. One of the patron saints of Restábal, Santa Ana’s feast falls on 26th. July, so what could be better than a warm summer evening for enjoying a Flamenco Festival. Since its beginnings in 2008, the festival has become the highlight of the fiestas in honour of Santa Ana. Each year well-known artists delight the spectators with their performances of “cante” (flamenco song) dance, guitar playing and percussion. A very popular event for both the locals and numerous visitors to Restábal and surrounding villages.



This year the festival takes place on Friday, 27th. July at 22.30 in Old Town Hall Square (Plaza del Antiguo Ayuntamiento). Artists “al cante” (vocalists) will be El Guadiana from Badajoz, José Fernández, Padre (Senior), Sandra Santisteban and La Nitra, all from Granada. “Al baile” dancing, Claudia La Debla and her company, in the video above. On the guitar, Ramon del Paso and José Fernández, Hijo (Junior). A sparkling programme of talented and experienced flamenco artists.



The fiestas last for nearly 3 days, starting off at 19.30 on 26th. July with the customary bell ringing from the church steeple. Followed by mass, a modern dance exhibition and the selection of the King and Queen of the Fiestas. Over the next two days, the fun and games include traditional local games and competitions, clay pigeon shooting, a singles v marrieds football match, a gymkhana for all the family ( in Spain this is usually a kind of treasure hunt, participants dress up in the most extraordinary gear to collect clues or articles around the village) among other jollities. All this accompanied by community foodie delights, such as tapas and a huge paella, not to mention the daily “verbena” or street party with music and dancing. On 28th. July, after another full day of activities, the fiesta draws to a close when Santa Ana is taken in procession around the village. The popular firework display and the last “verbena” mark the end of the festivities for another year.

¡Felices fiestas Restábal!


Flamenco Lorquiano, Lorca y Granada, jardines Generalife
A scene from Lorca y Granada in the Generalife Gardens


While Restábal is celebrating, another flamenco festival is underway in Granada. The annual festival, Lorca & Granada, dedicated and inspired by the figure and work of poet Federico García Lorca. Taking place since 2002 in the beautiful Generalife Gardens of the Alhambra Palace, the festival runs from 19th. July to 1st. September. Staged by the Flamenco Ballet of Andalucía, directed by Rafael Estévez. The original idea for the show, and the choreography, is by Rafael Estévez and Valeriano Paño. With original music by Jesús Guerrero and choreographic and musical collaboration by Juan Kruz Díaz de Garaio and Esnaola, as well as the special appearances of Arcangel cantaor (singer) and María Terremoto as guest cantaora (singer).


The Agencia Andaluza de Instituciones Culturales in collaboration with Patronato de la Alhambra y Generalife founded a programme called Lorca y Granada en los Jardines del Generalife in 2002. The leading figure of Federico García Lorca and the knowledge of his work all over the world are joined with the evocative power of flamenco to make the perfect formula for this artistic proposal.

Teatro del Generalife serves as an extraordinary space for a great technical and artistic performance that inspires, every summer, the expectatives that society has about the world of culture: artistic, touristic, cultural industry and the connection with the audience.


This text and full details at Lorca y Granada


Published by Susan at Casa Tagomago


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