Our Lecrín Valley Guide

Our Lecrín Valley Guide

International Jazz Festival – Granada What’s On

Are you a jazz fan? If so this is for you. This year Granada celebrates the 38th. edition of its International Jazz Festival. Organised by the city council and the
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A Lecrín Valley Village – Melegís or “Melexis” – Means “happiness”?

Melegís village Valle de Lecrín, Granada
Driving down the winding road from Lecrín towards Melegís one gets the impression of a village on the flat. The narrow streets are not steeply inclined as in Restábal and
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Alhambra Tickets – New Booking System – Granada What’s On

Alhambra y Albaicín, Granada casa rural Valle de lecrín
On your first visit to Granada you will almost certainly want to visit the Alhambra Palace. What about tickets? Should you book in advance? We would definitely recommend you book
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Where to Go – Exploring Granada – The Vega

Chopos Vega de Granada. Casa rural Valle de Lecrín
The Vega is the area to the west of Granada city, mainly flat and dedicated to agriculture, where the poplar tree, el chopo, is in its element. Growing in straight, martial
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Legends and Tales of the Alhambra – the Patio de la Sultana

El patio de la Sultana, Alhambra Lecrín Valley villa Granada GR052 (Custom)
Every historical monument has legends and tales to tell, the Alhambra is no exception. Dating back so many hundreds of years, stories of happenings in the Moorish palace abound. Washington
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The Burial of the Vixen in Nigüelas – Lecrín Valley Traditions

fox-Pixabay, Lecrín Valley villa Granada 1773722_640 (2)
Every year, on the third Monday of September, Nigúelas commences the fiestas in honour of its patron saint, la Virgen de las Angustias. Lasting for a week, festivities include all
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How about a round of golf? Golfing event in the Lecrín Valley

Open de golf Lecrín Valley holiday villa Granada
Are you a golf fan? Good because the next event at Santa Clara Golf Granada is III Open Valle de Lecrín. Organised by the Lecrín Valley Tourist Association and one
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Sweet Treats Granada – A Cake Named After a Pope

Sweets Piononos de Pasteleria Ysla Santa Fe Granada www.pionono.com
 Sweet Treats If you have a sweet tooth this is bound to interest you! In 1897 Ceferino Ysla Gonzalez set up his own cake shop in the Calle Real in
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Lecrín Valley Monuments – The Church in Restábal

San Cristobal, casa rural Valle de Lecrín, Granada
As you know, the church has always been important in village life and the Lecrín Valley is no exception. It's at the centre of life in rural villages, together with
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How we came to own a house named after an island

Isla Tagomago, Ibiza. Lecrín Valley villa Granada
In 2005 we began a long contemplated and discussed adventure, the purchase of a holiday home on mainland Spain. Living throughout the year in Ibiza, a beautiful but small island,
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