Our Lecrín Valley Guide

Our Lecrín Valley Guide

Can I light a BBQ in the Summer in Andalucía? Rules and Regulations

forest fires burning Pixabay Lecrín Valley villa-36884_640
As we all know, Spain suffers from multiple forest fires each year and for some time now the regional authorities have forbidden BBQs in certain areas. In the case of Andalucía,
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May on the Patio at Casa Tagomago

The patio at Casa Tagomago in May, Lecrín Valley rental near Granada
In the month of May the Lecrín Valley is full of colour, roses and geraniums bloom in all their glory, vibrant reds, pinks and crimsons tumble over balconies and from
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Walking the Lecrín Valley – Saleres to Albuñuelas

Walking Saleres, Lecrín Valley villa Granada
Let's go to Albuñuelas, you'll love walking this route along the side of the spectacular gorge that is the location of this sprawling village. Take the car to Saleres and
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Music, Dance and Summer Magic – 66th. Granada International Festival.

Music, Dance and Summer Magic - 66th. Granada International Festival.
This must be one of the most magical festivals we have ever been to. If you like music and dance I am sure you will feel the same. This year
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Customs in the Lecrín Valley – The Easter “Hornazo”

Costumbres Valle de Lecrín Haciendo hornazos en Panaderia San Blas en Dúrcal jpg
The hornazo is not exclusive to the Lecrín Valley but in the village of Durcal it has given its name to an age old fiesta which is one of the most popular customs in
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What does Easter mean to you?

Holy Week en el Albaicin de Granada de Francisco Hernandez Aguilera
Holy Week……Semana Santa Holy Week celebrations and processions in Spain must surely leave very few people feeling indifferent. I have lived here for over 40 years and, although not a
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5 Wildflowers to Look Out for on Your Lecrín Valley Wanderings

Discovering Wildflowers  in the Lecrín Valley With the orange blossom just beginning to flower, the Lecrín Valley smells of springtime, so if you love wildflowers, or are just an enthusiast of the great
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Water, a Precious Element – Lecrín Valley Nature

Embalse de Beznar, casa de vacaciones valle de Lecrín Granada
Yesterday was International Day of Forests and today is World Water Day. One can't survive without the other. In the Lecrín Valley water is usually omnipresent...until it isn't anymore! In 2016
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The Castle that Muley Hacén Built – Lecrín Valley Monuments

Zoraya's castle Mondujar, Lecrín Valley villa rental
The Castle that Was a Wedding Present Mondujar Castle near the village of Mondujar is typical in its location, built on a hill affording views all over the surrounding countryside.
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Five Restaurants and the Lecrín Valley Food Week

Something for Food lovers - The Lecrín Valley Food Week 2017 For the fifth year running foodies ... (and anyone who enjoys good food!) will be able to enjoy a
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